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Artist Bio

Born in Portland, Oregon in the late 50's, to fourth generation Oregonians Burt had the rare opportunity to see the wild places before they were spoiled, forming his earliest childhood memories. Special places passed from generation to generation before urban sprawl and all its requirements touched nature and it was gone.

Burt has been a naturalist, artist and photographer since his teen years studying at Catlin Gabel, a vanguard school of arts in Portland, Oregon. Burt spent the summers during his youth in the artist community of Cannon Beach, located on the Northern Oregon coast where he was inspired by such artist as, Jeffry Hull a painter of coastal scenes in watercolor. William Steidel a fantasy watercolor artist. And the many rotating artist at the whitebird gallery in Cannon Beach.

After attending Oregon State University where he was introduced to computer graphics, he went on to be a innovator in the production of 3D graphics and commercial animations. Now focusing his artistic talents in the studio or on location creating the watercolors of the Pacific Northwest you see on these pages.

© Burt Jarvis All Rights Reserved– Original Paintings, Watercolors, Lithographs, Giclee, Lake Oswego, Oregon